Don't let a
language stop you

Don't Let your inability to speak English come into
Your way to sucess. Start coding in your
own native language with BHAML.


Code in your language

It provides you a platform to code in your native language.

Download Files

Download/Upload your code files whenever you wish to.

On Screen Keyboard

Access on-screen regional keyboard while coding.

Live Preview

Instantly see the live Preview of your code.

Get Keyword Suggestions

Editor will suggest you keywords in respective language.

Learning Material

Get help writing code and selecting the optimal tag.

Select Your Language

hindi kannada malayalam tamil odia
marathi punjabi telugu gujrati


The English Language has always dominated Indian languages. However, till date, many of us are not comfortable with the English language. BHAML provides the opportunnity to every student, regardless of their proficiency in English, to code by using their mother tongue.

The tools integrated in our text editor like live preview, integrated on-screen keyboard and learning material provided can be used to write codes faster.